Control and optimise your production for sustainable recovery and functioning

Oil and gas operators are bouncing back from a prolonged oil price, and are finally adapting to the market situation. However, with depleting resources, there has been a significant shift of focus on optimising production, i.e. to produce more from current areas, to sustain demand. In light of this, we will be bringing together the region’s leading experts and thought-leaders at the Production Optimisation Kuwait Conference taking place from 26-29 November 2017 in Kuwait.

With Kuwait leading the region in production optimisation strategies and the challenging 2030 vision of 4mbpd set by Kuwait, we recognise the significance of continuous improvements and insights in technology, monitoring systems, management techniques, artificial lift systems and water management to efficiently recover and produce oil from existing resources and to meet organisational goals. Join us to learn best practices in optimising production and gain first-hand insights from leading experts from the region in the fields of reservoir management, petroleum studies and exploration and drilling and enhance your reserves output.

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What's New for 2017!

Learn best practices in optimising and enhancing production of oil

Advancements in production optimisation techniques and methods

Identify solutions to overcoming challenges related to produced water

Gain insight into new technology and advancements in produced water management

Case studies from other operators on how they are using technology to recover oil

Understand developments in EOR techniques and injection types

Learn from old field experts on how to increase output

Who should attend?

VPs/Heads/ Managers/Team Leaders of:

  •  Production
  •  Operations
  •  Drilling and Completions
  •  Exploration
  •  Water Management
  •  EOR/ Production Optimisation

From the following spectrum:

  •  Oil and Gas
  •  Exploration
  •  Onshore and Offshore
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